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City of St. Pete Beach Home Beautification Program

Great news! The City Commission of St. Pete Beach has approved the funding of a beautification program for homes in the city that lack green space and landscaping in their front Right of Way. An example of this would be a home with the front Right of Way that consists of asphalt. If you get approved, this program would remove the asphalt, and add shade trees of the homeowners choosing like Elm, Maple, or Oak. And then they will add ground cover such as jasmine, mulch, perennial peanut, etc. This would improve the look along the street and increase the city’s green infrastructure and tree canopy. Homeowners must volunteer their home’s Right of Way for the program.

There is no cost for the homeowner as this is fully funded by the City of St. Pete Beach. As the funds are limited, this program will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Here is the process:

  1. You must be a St. Pete Beach homeowner and lack grass, tree, or vegetation in the city’s Right of Way adjacent to the homeowner’s property.
  2. The homeowner completes a volunteer commitment form and submits the request to Jennifer McMahon, Chief Operating Officer.
  3. The city staff will review the submission for approval.
  4. Once approved, the City will work with contractors and city staff on scheduling the work to be completed.
  5. Once the project is completed, the homeowners will receive a quick survey on the process and the results to assist the city in evaluating the program.

For more information contact Jennifer McMahon, Chief Operating Officer of the City of St. Pete Beach, at 727-363-9274 or email: