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Aquatic Exercises at St. Pete Beach Recreation Center

Improve your quality of life by engaging in physical activities such as water exercises. Studies show that a couple of hours per week of aerobic physical activity such as water aerobics or water exercise can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses, and help improve heart health and cardiovascular strength. Aquatic exercises have been shown to help lower high blood pressure.

st. pete beach aquatic center

The St. Pete Beach Family Aquatic Center is a year-round junior Olympic swimming pool with an attached children’s play area with water features. Other than events, classes, and certification programs, they have several aquatic exercise classes available at the center. Fees start at $7

Aqua Fusion
Aqua Fusion is a full-body workout incorporating cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Perfect for all levels of fitness using a variety of aquatic equipment.

Date: Tuesday from 11am to 12pm

Aqua Zumba
Join the Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance-fitness party that makes working out a splash.

Date: Tuesday from 12pm to 12:45pm and Saturday from 11 to 11:45am

Aqua Pilates
Aqua Pilates is an effective workout that strengthens your core and allows you to become functionally fit.

Date: Wednesday from 11am to 12pm

Aqua Power
A full-body workout that focuses on strength building, cardio conditioning, and functional movement. Choreographed interval training, switches from low to high resistance by changing hand positioning, body orientation, and using dumbbells. This class is effective for building muscles.

Date: Wednesday 12 to 1pm

Aqua Yoga
Aqua yoga has all the benefits of land-based yoga such as stress reduction, better body awareness, and increased flexibility. Being in the water:

  • Adds an increase in your range of motion
  • Decompresses your spine
  • Is accessible to everyone
  • Reduces the weight on your joints
  • Come have fun and limber up your body and mind.

Date: Thursday from 11 to 11:45am

Aqua Tone
Aqua Tone is a fun and invigorating exercise. It offers great muscle toning and cardio workout with the benefits and support of the water.

Date: Thursday from 12 to 1pm

Aqua Motion
A nonstop water workout concentrating on advanced cardiovascular training.

Date: Saturday from 12 to 1pm

Water exercises offer many physical and mental health benefits and are a good choice for anyone who wants to be more active.

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