water safety event

St. Pete Beach Annual Water Safety Event

Last week, the city of St. Pete Beach hosted the Land and Gulf Safety Event, highlighting a new pedestrian safety campaign. The community was able to come together and learn about important safety practices for both land and water. Along with the activities was the St. Pete Beach Fire Department’s Annual Water Safety Event.

Any body of water, like a lake or river, we still want everybody protected,” said Kelly Intzes, the Fire Marshal for St. Pete Beach Fire Rescue.

The Water Safety Event was a success as it provided important water safety tips, a registration for free swim lessons, and a giveaway for a free life jacket. Attendees met with local safety experts who are committed to ensuring the safety of St. Pete Beach residents and visitors. The water safety tips shared are important as the weather warms up and more people head to the beach. Those who registered for the free swim lessons will receive instruction from certified instructors helping the students to swim safely and confidently.

The special guest of the event was Pete the Safety Pelican. This is an initiative developed by dedicated volunteer residents of the city to help spread the word to the community, locals, and visitors alike.