Pinellas County alert

Pinellas County Alert Sign Up

With another storm that affects Florida this week, it is important we are alerted for news and announcements. The Pinellas County has a sign up for alerts for its residents. Get notified about emergencies and significant community updates by enrolling in Alert Pinellas.

Alert Pinellas, a unified mass notification system, enables Pinellas County, local municipalities, and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to furnish both residents and visitors with prompt alerts. This singular service empowers the Pinellas County Government and Cities to furnish you with vital information during various scenarios, including severe weather, boil water advisories, or evacuations.

You will be promptly sent time-critical messages to locations you designate, such as your residence, workplace, or your child’s school. The choice of notification method is yours, whether it’s via your mobile phone, landline, work phone, email, text messages, the Everbridge App, and other options. The location and method are yours to choose.

To enroll, residents simply input their contact details and choose the types of notifications they wish to receive. Rest assured, the provided information is safeguarded and will exclusively be utilized for the intended notifications.

Opting Into the Service

To get started, you’ll need to create an account, which involves the following steps:

  1. Generate a Username and Password.
  2. Choose a security question and provide its answer.
  3. Input a Registration Email Address. This address is used for sending temporary passwords in case you forget your login details.
  4. Indicate your agreement with the Terms of Use by checking the provided box.
  5. Click the “Create Your Account” button.

After setting up your username and password, you’ll be directed to a page where you can finalize your profile. Here, you’ll enter your personal details, including First Name, Last Name, and Registration Email.

The next step involves selecting your preferred method of receiving alerts. Your choices might include text messages, emails, mobile phones, landlines, or a mobile application compatible with your device. The sequence in which you organize these contacts will determine the order in which the system attempt to reach you during emergencies.

You have the option to register either as a resident or a business. If you’re registering a business, you can use your company name for both the first and last name fields.

Furthermore, you can specify locations that are important to you. The system base its alerts on geographic areas displayed on a map. You’re allowed to enter up to five addresses for which you’d like to receive notifications in case the location is affected by an incident or upcoming event.

Additionally, you can subscribe to alerts that matter to you. You’ll be presented with a variety of weather warning notifications to select from.

Alert Pinellas will exclusively activate during emergency situations that pose a significant risk, an imminent threat, or when a general notification becomes necessary. It’s important to note that this system is not designed to function as the sole means of emergency notifications. Consider this system as an additional notification mechanism