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Taverna On The Bay Opens

Taverna On The Bay, a highly anticipated establishment, recently made its debut in the prime location directly opposite the renowned Tradewinds Island Resort on the picturesque St. Pete Beach. This location holds a rich history, having previously housed both Caddy’s and, for those with a sense of nostalgia, Silas Dent’s.

The historical significance of this location adds a layer of charm and character to Taverna On The Bay. Caddy’s, once an iconic beachside hangout, and Silas Dent’s, a name that evokes fond memories for those who have witnessed the evolution of St. Pete Beach over the years, have both left their imprints on this address. By stepping into this space, Taverna On The Bay pays homage to the past while forging its own identity and culinary legacy.

With the promise of delectable cuisine, captivating ambiance, and a prime beachfront view, Taverna On The Bay is poised to become a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. Its location, enriched by the history of its predecessors, ensures that it will not only be a place to savor fine dining but also a hub of nostalgia and a celebration of the enduring spirit of St. Pete Beach’s vibrant culinary scene.

Mediterranean-inspired Menu

Taverna on the Bay highlights Mediterranean cuisine, and enticing visuals hint at an unforgettable culinary experience, proclaiming, “Prepare for a taste you’ll always remember, OPAAA!”

The foundation of their exceptional dining experience is their celebrated culinary team. Bound by a mutual dedication to culinary excellence, their team of skilled chefs and committed staff relentlessly strives to craft memorable flavors that bring joy to their guests’ palates. They employ the highest-quality locally sourced ingredients, approaching each dish with a combination of creativity and precision, resulting in an extraordinary dining journey for all who visit. From their attentive servers to their welcoming staff, their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service consistently surpasses their patrons’ expectations.

Taverna On the Bay Facebook page

Taverna On the Bay Facebook page

Indulge in Mediterranean flavors with a contemporary twist, all while enjoying breathtaking bay views and experiencing warm and authentic hospitality.

Taverna On The Bay

5501 Gulf Blvd Suite 113, St Pete Beach, FL 33706