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The Drunken Clam Bar

A favorite hangout for the locals of St. Pete Beach and their regular seasonal guests, this bar and grill offers not only great food and drinks but music as well. They have live music on Tuesdays-Saturdays from 7 PM to 11 PM. The Drunken…

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Grace restaurant st pete beach

Grace Pass-A-Grille

The perfect spot in Pass-A-Grille for a romantic and unforgettable meal, Grace Pass-A-Grille Restaurant of Chef Marlin Kaplan and Lisa Masterson should be on your list when you visit St. Pete Beach. Their haven on the peaceful side of the beach and unique menu…

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freebee st. pete beach florida

Getting Around St. Pete Beach via Freebee

Experience St. Pete Beach by using your Freebee mobile app. The City Government of St. Pete Beach offers a free, door-to-door, environment-friendly, and on-demand transportation in getting around the city. Get yourself picked-up or dropped-off anywhere within the boundaries represented on the Service Map….

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BeBot beach cleaning

BeBot: A Beach-Cleaning Robot

Developed by Polaru Marine, a global-leader in marine grade technologies, BeBot, the beach-cleaning robot arrived in Pinelllas County in July 2022. The Keep Pinellas Beautiful, a non-profit organization that focuses on environmental clean up, together with volunteers has led the demonstration of BeBot. Beach-Cleaning…

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pinellas county hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Month

The City of St. Pete Beach makes September Hurricane Preparedness Month helping city residents be aware of what to do before, during, and after the storm. The hurricane season in Florida runs from June to November. However, hurricanes can happen at any time. It…

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